Cranbrook Town Council agrees its first council tax ‘precept’ for Next Financial Year

9th December 2015

Cranbrook Town Council agreed its first ever financial ‘precept’ at the full Council meeting on Monday, 7 December 2015.

 The precept is the small proportion of the local council tax which town and parish councils receive every year back from the District Council.

At Monday’s meeting, Town Councillors agreed to a precept which equates to £97 per Band D household per year, which adds up to around £100,000.

 East Devon District Council who are responsible for collecting the council tax for Cranbrook residents, then pass back a proportion of the funds to the Town Council, Devon County Council, Fire and Police Authorities. Prior to the creation of Cranbrook Town Council, the precept, currently around £56 for Band D Household went to Broadclyst Parish Council.

 Kevin Blakey, Chair of Cranbrook Town Council said: “Town councillors are committed to making these precept funds go a long way for the benefit of Cranbrook’s residents. The Town Council has very ambitious plans for the Cranbrook in the years to come, we have recently appointed a full-time Town Clerk and part-time Administrative Assistant.

 An incredible amount of work has already been going on, from very active finance and personnel, amenities and planning committees to informal working groups on asset delivery, the Council’s website and the local action group.”

The Town Council is currently involved in planning the new Town Hall, which will be located in the town centre and councillors hope it will incorporate a library, café, theatre/cinema, small business offices, and possibly a police office. Outline sketches will be posted on this website when available. Discussion around youth facilities and a leisure centre are also ongoing.

Residents will not see any change on their council tax bills until April 2016 when the new precept will be put into place.