Meet our team of hard-working, dedicated Councillors and the Cranbrook Town Council staff who support them.

Cllr Les Bayliss
Chair of the Council

Les spent most of his working life prior to taking early retirement in 2010 in the fire service, initially as a firefighter in the Royal Air Force followed by some 34 years as a fire officer at Exeter Airport, where he ended his career as the Fire Service and Risk Management Manager. He moved from Honiton to Cranbrook in April 2017 and feels it offers the potential to become a town of excellence, a town for the future and a town for all – young and old. He looks forward to being a part of the community and in a position to help it thrive.

Cllr Kevin Blakey
Vice Chair of the Council

Kevin is a native of Exeter, and moved to Cranbrook in 2012. He works in the photoelectronics industry in Exeter. He was Chairman of the Town Council from its inception in 2015 until 2019, when he stepped down to allow more time after he was also elected as one of Cranbrook’s three district councillors. He remains an active member of the Town Council and is keen to see the commercial and social development of the town, particularly in the town centre.

Cllr Kim Bloxham

Kim moved to Cranbrook in 2013 and very quickly got involved in helping members of the community with concerns regarding issues that naturally occur when moving into a new town. Kim established relationships with partners including the developers, East Devon District Council, Devon County Council, utility companies, the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and the local Policing team. In 2015 Kim joined the town council when it was established and in 2019 Kim became one of Cranbrook’s first District Councillors as an Independent member. Kim’s vision is for Cranbrook to be recognised by all as a successful vibrant town with an engaging, friendly community

Cllr Ray Bloxham
Chair of the Planning Committee

Ray is a former CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer. His career spanned 30 years during which he investigated all types of crime including murder, child abuse, commercial fraud and corruption. He retired as a detective inspector in 1998, moved to East Devon soon after and has lived in Cranbrook since 2013. He has been in local government for almost 20 years, as a parish, town, district and county councillor and brings this experience to the Town Council. He wants to ensure that Cranbrook is a successful and vibrant town whilst being sensitive to and recognising the needs of the surrounding rural communities.

Cllr Colin Buchan

Colin retired after a 34-year career as a dentist. He moved to Cranbrook in August 2016 and was attracted to serving on a new Council because he was excited by the "blank canvass" with so much to do. He hopes his experience in the healthcare sector is of use to the community.

Cllr Sam Hawkins
Chair of Finance & Personnel Committee

Sam grew up in Exeter and moved to Cranbrook in 2016. He is currently working for a firm of chartered accountants based on the Exeter Business Park and is looking to use some of these skills to aid the community. Sam is excited about the future of the town and is keen to be a part of helping it to grow and thrive.

Cllr Phil Norgate

Phil is a Sales Support Manager for an Information Technology company in Exeter which works with all sectors, private and public, including schools, academies and universities. He became a town councillor as he wished to make a positive contribution to the development of Cranbrook in its early years. Phil has two daughters who attend schools in Cranbrook and Broadclyst. He enjoys exploring the West Country with his family.

Cllr Barry Rogers
Chair of Amenities Committee

Barry has lived in Cranbrook since 2015, having retired from a career in the international petroleum industry. In his former work, his engagement with local communities both in Britain and abroad highlighted the importance of a sense of ownership of change. He therefore believes individual engagement in local issues is essential in the development of Cranbrook as a place where we all belong, and where we want to leave a legacy our children can be proud of.


If you are interested in serving as a town councillor we'd love to hear from you and please do get in touch with us.


If you are interested in serving as a town councillor we'd love to hear from you and please do get in touch with us.


If you are interested in serving as a town councillor we'd love to hear from you and please do get in touch with us.


If you are interested in serving as a town councillor we'd love to hear from you and please do get in touch with us.

Town Council Employees

Janine Gardner
Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

The Town Clerk is the Council’s Proper Officer and as such is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions required by law of a local authority, including serving statutory notifications, advising the Council to enable evidence-based decision-making and implementing decisions. The post holder is also the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

Deputy Clerk

The Deputy Clerk deputises in the absence of the Town Clerk and is responsible for the Amenities and Planning Committees, among other things.

Joanna Stephenson
Property Administrator

Joanna joined the team in September 2020. Joanna is in charge of the management of the Younghayes Centre, including the bookings for the main hall and the upstairs meeting room.

Aynsley Jones
community Development Worker

Aynsley lives in East Devon with her husband and two daughters. Aynsley views community development as the key to having a healthy, happy, safe and vibrant town while contributing to the residents’ health and well-being. In her role, Aynsley uses the town’s assets to improve the quality of community life and assists the Town Council and partner organisations to work together for the benefit of the local population.

Alice Lloyd
Country Park Ranger

Our Vision

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