The Town Council requests that people respect all these common areas and help keep them safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. Please take your litter home or use the bins provided. Dog owners, please clean up after your dogs.


The Town Council took over the management of the St Martin’s and Hayes Square Play Parks in 2018 and Northwood Acres Play Park in 2019. The Town Council is responsible for regular safety inspections, grounds maintenance and essential repairs. The management of further play areas, as the town grows, will pass to the Town Council, after an initial period of oversight and maintenance. Users are requested to refrain from taking dogs and bicycles into the play areas to ensure that all children can enjoy a safe environment.

map showing location of St Martins play area


St Martins Play Park

is found off of Younghayes Road, next to St Martins Primary School.


map showing location of Hayes Square play area


                    Hayes Square Play Park

                                       is found off of Younghayes Road, in Hayes Square.



 map showing location of Northwood Acres play area

Northwood Acres Play Park

is found between Northwood Acres and Tillhouse Track.




The Ancient Trees in the Country Park
photograph by Cllr Ray Bloxham.

The Town Council took over the management of parts of the country park in 2018. Furthermore, we will gradually assume responsibility for the successive phases as they are signed off. The areas currently being managed by the Town Council are Phases 1 , 2  and 3 of the Country Park (N.B. these are not the same as building phases 1 and 2). Consequently, we are responsible for overseeing hedgerows, grounds maintenance (carried out by appointed contractors), the drainage basins and amenities infrastructure. Barbeques have been installed in Phase 2 of the country park for communal use.



The Town Council assumed responsibility for the verges and public open spaces in 2018. We will take on the management of further areas as the town grows. In the areas we currently have responsibility for, we oversee grounds maintenance. This is made more difficult because of the damage caused by the parking of vehicles. Subsequently, the cost of repairing this damage must be covered by the Town Council’s element of the Council Tax. The Town Council requests that people stop driving and parking on verges.



The Town Council had been awaiting the delivery of the allotment lands for some time. Thankfully, this has now happened, the first allotment site is called Crannaford Allotments, and has been signed off. The ownership and management of the site has passed to Town Council. Furthermore, the creation of second allotment site called Southbrook Allotments in the future is ongoing.
There is a waiting list, managed by the Town Council, for those who wish to have a plot. If you want to put your name on the waiting list, please contact the Council Offices.

click here for how to apply for an allotment at Cranbrook.


outside of the Younghayes Centre

The Younghayes Centre transferred ownership to the Town Council in November 2019.  Cranbrook Town Council manages the building, facilitating room bookings and coordinating usage of the building. 

click here for how to book the Younghayes Centre.


The Town Council has responsibility for all the bus shelters in Cranbrook. If you see any graffiti or damage, please contact the Council Offices.

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The Town Council has 8 notice boards, 3 Council notice boards and 5 Country Park notice boards, which contain information for the public.

The Council notice boards contain Agendas for Council meetings, information on community groups and public service information. The first can be found outside the Younghayes Centre, the second is along Tillhouse Road, between Yarlington Mill and Sweet Copping turnings, the third is in Southbrook Meadow.

The Country Park notice boards contain a map of the Country Park, public service information and information relating to the Country Park, from treasure hunts to animal spotting. See below for the location of these.


map showing noticeboard locations in the Country Park