Community Development Work

Community Development Work in Cranbrook


We are proud to announce our Citizen of the Year is Dr Sharon Jewell! Well done for all your hard work.


Welcome to Our Community Achievements



Welcome to the heart of our town!

Here at Cranbrook Town Council we believe it is people’s interaction with their surroundings which enables positive and sustained change within a community.

Our shared values are:

  • Diversity,
  • Access for all,
  • Sustainability,
  • Social interaction,
  • Equal opportunity,
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles,
  • Respecting the environment.

As a community we have a wealth of talent, expertise and knowledge and by using our shared values and skills our community can thrive, grow and develop what is important to Cranbrook.

Currently, the Community Development Worker is collecting information on Cranbrook events and volunteering opportunities.

Community Engagement Strategy

Here at the Town Council we have taken steps to ensure we engage with the community for us all to thrive. Below is our town strategy and the Community Development Worker would welcome any comments, suggestions or ideas on how to improve our communication.

Cranbrook Community Engagement Strategy 2022

You can contact the Community Development Worker

by post : Cranbrook Town Council,

Younghayes Centre,

169 Younghayes Road,


EX5 7DR.

by Telephone: 01404 514552.

or by Email: