9th November 2018

The Town Council has been advised by Cranbrook Limited that:

1. Blenheims will be handing over all records and information they hold to Cranbrook’s solicitors, Clarke Willmott LLP (CW) by the 9th November.
2. This will enable CW to start to process the release of the title restrictions which secure the Rentcharges
3. CW will provide an information sheet on how this process will operate and a form for residents to use when they want to apply for the removal of the restriction on their titles.
4. The information sheet and form for release will be published on the Town Council website by the end of November 2018.

If you are in the process of selling your property, your solicitor should, with effect from 12 November contact Clarke Willmott as they should by then be able to advise what is required to enable the restriction to be released on completion of your sale.

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