Delivery of the Town Centre in Cranbrook

The Town Council forms the Cranbrook Strategic Delivery Board together with East Devon District Council and Devon County Council. The town centre will be delivered in phases and the Town Council are working with Cranbrook Strategic Delivery Board on the details.

The first phase will be the supermarket, town square, around nine or ten shops and a nursery. The first planning applications have been consented by East Devon District Council’s planning authority.

In addition to this there are future plans for a children’s centre, youth centre, library, extra care facilities, health facilities and a town hall which will include a cafe, meeting space and around fifteen rentable business units. In addition, there will be a wheeled sports facility (skate park), fire station and other commercial facilities to follow.

We are also working up proposals for a box park commercial centre which will house small retail and social elements which we plan as a unique attraction for the town bearing in mind it will have to exist within the shadow of nearby Exeter.

Please revisit as this page has the updated proposals from the consortium of developers.