9th February 2018

The Town Council is continuing to work with its partners to address residents’ concerns about the delivery of the district heating network and again met with senior managers from Eon, Consortium and Developers this week.


The automatic meter reading system (Sigfox) continues to be rolled out alongside the service programme and Eon have about another 20% of the town left to do.


The recent district heating outages on phases 3 and 4 have not been as a result of a failure in the temporary energy centre but all have been due to issues arising from contractors working on site. Eon have identified the cause in each case and are working with the contractors to avoid a repetition.


The outage in January that affected a large part of the town was caused by contractor machinery damaging a main supply pipe.


Joint survey work has taken place between Eon and developers to resolve the problem in some properties where there is a lack of heat or hot water. The root cause has been identified and any addresses known to us, that are affected in this way, have been passed over for follow up.


Please continue to report any concerns to Eon Customer Services. If there is anything that the Town Council can do to help please e-mail Cllr Kim Bloxham at kim.bloxham@cranbrooktowncouncil.gov.uk


We will continue to work closely and have regular meetings with Eon and other partners to follow up on any issues that arise.