Following the updated Government guidance on 16 March 2020 relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Town Council has made the decision to cancel all upcoming events in the Country Park. This means that unfortunately, we won’t be able to run our first BeeWalk next week.

If anyone does fancy a little bed time reading to prepare themselves for when the BeeWalk is able to run as a public event again, do have a gander at the information on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website. There’s also loads of information on how you can make your garden more bee friendly:


“Furry, brightly-coloured and instantly recognisable, bumblebees are icons of the British summer, and they also contribute more than £400 million every year to the British economy through pollinating crops. But they’re in trouble. Bumblebees are declining across the country (we’ve already lost two species), and to better understand the reasons why, we need data – lots of data – on where we can find the remaining bees, how many there are and what they’re doing.” – Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

I will be running a bumblebee survey once a month from March to October following a fixed route of ~2km through Cranbrook Country Park as part of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s BeeWalk. Our findings will contribute to a nationwide survey determining any changes in bumblebee populations. No prior knowledge necessary, come along to as many walks as you can, contribute to the survey and learn a little more about Cranbrook’s lovely bees!

This activity is free, but please let me know if you are interested in joining by contacting Alice: