Design a Geocache for the Country Park! Competition closes 28 February 2021

Judging criteria
A small project group will decide on the winning images using the following criteria:
 Creativity
 Fun
 Sense of place
 Simplicity
There will be two different age categories; under 11 and under 18.

Here is some inspiration to get you thinking.When St Martin’s School was built, archaeologists
discovered a stone bracer, an arm guard worn by
archers to protect their forearms when shooting arrows
(see pic right). The bracer found at Cranbrook was
made of stone from Cumbria!

Your design can be anything related to Cranbrook or
the surrounding countryside. Look out for more
inspiration about the heritage of Cranbrook, ancient and
new, by following us on Instagram Facebook or twitter
@ClystValleyPark and using the hashtag #ClystArt

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