Stuff breaks, it’s a fact of life these days. Once upon a time there would have been repair shops in every town. Now no one expects appliances to last forever – but what do you do if you like your item and don’t want to replace it?


  • you can check out the re-use directory on the website or search locally to find companies in your area
  • you can visit a repair café. Successful ones run in Exeter and Exmouth, where volunteers give their time freely to fix broken electrical, tech, simple jewellery and textile items. Repair cafes are free but they do suggest a donation is given at the time of repair. They are usually held monthly with Exmouth’s being the 1st Saturday and Exeter’s the 3rd Saturday of every month.
  • some items are difficult to fix and the cost can outweigh the benefit but in these cases household waste recycling centres do a great job in ensuring they are safely recycled

Disposal should really be the last option so why not set yourself a challenge in 2018 to find as many items either you or someone else can reuse that you would normally throw away!