19th December 2017

East Devon District Council has recently taken successful enforcement actions against fly tippers, so it is important to be aware this is illegal and that expensive penalties apply. They are also reminding residents that if you ask anyone to dispose of waste for you, you must ensure they are properly registered as a waste carrier, as failure to do this renders you personally liable if they fly tip your waste (see * below for details).

East Devon District Council’s Environmental Health team recently served fixed penalty notices on three people responsible for fly tipping, as well as a member of the public seen throwing litter from a lorry. In the first case, a resident from the Tiverton area, who fly tipped waste in Forest Gate car park, Ashclyst Forest, Killerton, claimed that a commercial waste collection company had taken her waste, but she was unable to provide any evidence to support this and has since paid the £200 fine.

In the second case, a resident of Ottery St Mary fly tipped a large quantity of waste in Birdcage Lane and was issued with a £400 fixed penalty notice, which has also now been paid.

In the third case, an Exmouth resident fly tipped household waste in Tedstone Lane, Woodbury. This was a smaller amount of waste and the resident was issued with a fixed penalty for £200, which they have paid.

The fourth successful case involved a young man who was seen throwing litter from the passenger window of a commercial vehicle. This action was observed by an enforcement officer in the car behind and the offender was traced and issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice. This fine has also been paid.

During these investigations the team received details of a commercial company operating in the area, who were potentially involved in fly tipping elsewhere. Upon further investigation the council’s officers discovered that this firm was carrying waste without a permit and the Environment Agency has been informed.


*The council advises that anyone employing a third party or contractor must check the credentials of the people they are using. All waste carriers, including landscape gardeners and others who take waste away, must have a licence, must provide documentation that indicates where the waste will be taken, and they must provide their details. Householders and others who generate waste have a duty of care and must keep details of the vehicle being used, the name, address and telephone number of the person taking the waste away, and confirmation of where it is going. Alternatively, householders can use the council’s large items waste collection service, which can be arranged by calling 01395 516551.

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