29th January 2018

The landscapers would like to let all residents know that these works will be starting shortly and will be carried out in line with the Hedgerow Management Plan. The works are scheduled to be completed before the nesting season begins and residents are respectfully asked to temporarily remove any bird feeders etc they have placed in hedgerows, to avoid damage to them and to wildlife.

Due to the nature of these works there will inevitably be some damage to the verges but the landscapers will do their best to minimise this and will remediate any such damage as soon as is practicably possible.

We understand it is likely hedge-laying and coppicing will start around 12th February and last until the end of the month with ditch clearing and casting up starting at around the same time and the Flail cut being carried out as soon as the ground dries out.

We will post again if we receive more information during these works.

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