Information for Dog Owners

Many residents at Cranbrook are keen dog owners so the town’s Country Park is a great attraction both for them and for other visitors.

There is a designated dog walking field near Burrough Fields (the road leading to the station) which is securely fenced, enabling owners to exercise their dogs off the lead.

Elsewhere, in some areas, it may be appropriate for dogs to be off the lead but they should always be well controlled and able to respond quickly when recalled. This is essential, as the Country Park is a community space which is also used by large numbers of young children, cyclists and others.

The Country Park Ranger asks that dog owners keep their pets away from the large ponds or sustainable drainage systems on the Country Park (SUDS) and stresses it is not appropriate to exercise them in the water as the steep sided nature of many of the SUDS makes them unsuitable for safe access of people or dogs. Additionally, this activity can cause deep distress to young birds and can also inadvertently destroy fragile wildlife such as emerging dragonflies.

Dogs are not permitted in the play parks (Hayes Square, St Martin’s Play Park and Northwood Acres), the Ingrams Football pitches or the Nature Reserve in Phase one of the Country Park, where there is clear signage to indicate this.

All residents and visitors are expected to pick up after their dogs please and to ensure all dog mess is bagged and placed in one of the many bins provided. (The old-style dog bins have now been replaced by all-purpose bins.)



Information for Dog Owners