28th September 2018

It’s National Recycling Week this week (24-30 September) and as part of East Devon’s contribution to this, it is running a Metal Matters campaign to recycle even more metal cans and tins than they already do.

East Devon’s residents are some of the best recyclers in the country with a recycling rate of 57%. Even so, in 2017 in East Devon we still put over 200 tonnes of steel and aluminium into our black wheeled bins. Metals are the most valuable items collected in kerb-side recycling and, as metal is 100% recyclable and there is no limit to the times it can be recycled and turned into new things, recycling metals is both good for the environment and saves money!

Over the next few weeks residents will receive information by post showing metals that can be collected, explaining why they are so valuable and what happens to them. And it’s so easy – all you have to do is pop all your drinks cans, food tins, deodorant cans, aluminium food trays and foil and metal jar and bottle lids into your green recycling sack. If you have any queries, please look out for your information leaflet or contact East Devon District Council’s Recycling & Waste Team.