13th October 2017

Every community hopes an emergency will not happen, but it is also wise to make plans just in case!


Nearly all emergencies affecting communities will be dealt with routinely by the emergency services working with the local authorities. However, a situation could occur (such as extensive flooding, storm damage, deep snow, power outage or major incident) which could delay the arrival of outside assistance due to services being overwhelmed. If this happens, our community will need to help itself.


Cranbrook Town Council is writing an emergency plan on behalf of the community. As part of that process the Council has produced a questionnaire to help identify skills and resources in the local community which would be vital in an emergency. We would very much like to hear from you if you have any of the skills, resources or equipment listed in the questionnaire. We would also like to hear from you if you consider that you might be vulnerable in an emergency e.g. If you rely on power for essential medical equipment. Remember, no matter how small you feel your personal contribution is, it will be valued as part of the whole, and, don’t forget, it may be you that needs help!


You can find the questionnaire on the Emergency Planning page of this website at or can collect a copy from our office at the Younghayes Centre.