Tender Notice

Thank you for your interest in Cranbrook Town Council’s invitation to tender for the design and build of an outdoor gym in Cranbrook.

Cranbrook in East Devon started being constructed in 2011 on land which used to be green fields. By early 2023, approximately 7,000 residents occupied 3,000 or so dwellings; this figure is projected to rise to approximately 25,000 residents occupying 8,000 homes.

Cranbrook Town Council is now looking to appoint a preferred supplier for the design and build of an outdoor gym in the Stone Meadow area of the Country Park in Cranbrook as set out in this document in order to further enhance the amenities and facilities which are available for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

Any prospective supplier is invited to submit their design proposal(s) in accordance with the specification set out in the tender documents to the Town Council.

This opportunity is also advertised on the government’s Contracts Finder platform.

Please find all relevant documents below and please do not hesitate to contact Janine Gardner, Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, if you have any questions or comments via

Tel: 01404 514552
Mob: 07746 909933
Email: [email protected]