18th February 2019

Recently, some of our councillors visited the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Headquarters at Middlemoor to learn about how they handle urgent and non-urgent reports.

999 and 101 phone calls are taken by the same team. Calls are first screened by a triage manager to determine the level of urgency and are then channelled to the appropriate handler.

Within the call centre, it is always the aim to have staff available to take 999 calls. It is often the case that highly visible incidents, such as a motorway road traffic collision or city centre incident, will prompt a high volume of 999 calls which all have to be dealt with, and it is for this reason that waiting times for 101 calls can sometimes be lengthy.

The police recommend that non-urgent matters are communicated using their online form. This saves waiting on the phone, and frees up operators to take urgent calls. The reports are monitored 24 hours a day and reported crimes are included in crime statistics.

The report page is https://services.devon-cornwall.police.uk/crimereporting/ and it can also easily be found using an internet search. It is clear and simple to use.

Let’s all help them to help us.