16th March 2018

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is pleased that recycling rates in East Devon are generally very good but in Cranbrook we could be doing even better!

  • We could be making more use of our food caddies. Did you know all our food waste is taken to a bio-digester and turned into electricity?
  • We could be recycling more plastics in our green sacks. Contrary to the rumour, EDDC arranged an alternative domestic market for recyclable plastics last year before China stopped accepting them, so ours is not stuck at a port or being added to landfill. This means our efforts to recycle plastics really do make a difference. [The new materials sorting facility at Greendale, due to open shortly, will sort all the materials from our recycling boxes.]
  • It’s important we don’t put anything that won’t burn in the wheelie bin! All our wheelie bin waste is taken to the incinerator at Marsh Barton and burned in the most efficient way possible to produce electricity but items such as gas bottles and bicycle racks cannot be burned and wet waste makes the incinerator less efficient.
  • Small electrical items, which can all be recycled, should go into recycling boxes as this means you have more room in your grey bin and is much better for our planet!

Thank you to all our recycling heroes and heroines in Cranbrook and let’s see if we can do even better!