5th December 2017

Exeter CC Sport England press release

Cranbrook Town Council is delighted that Exeter and Cranbrook have been chosen by Sport England to receive funding to build healthier and more active communities. Exeter and Cranbrook is one of only 12 places in England, and the only location in the south west, to receive a share of around £100million. The funding will be invested in the 12 pilot areas over four years to create partnerships which make it easier for people in those communities to access sport and physical activity.


Cllr Kevin Blakey, Chairman of the Town Council said, “This is fantastic news for Cranbrook. As the only NHS Healthy New Town involved in the funding bid we want to build on the potential for an active lifestyle which brings lasting benefit to the community for generations to come”.


Cllr Matt Osborn, the Town Council’s Lead Councillor for sport and well-being added, “The route to support & funding will allow us to accelerate the plans put in place by the Move More and Healthy New Towns projects. The idea is to bring diversity to encourage physical activity that appeals to all members of the community. There will be a combined focus on youth and adult activities to encompass all of our residents with a focus on having fun whilst moving more”.


The Town Council would love to hear from anyone who has ideas or would like support for groups and clubs involved with sports or other activities which promote a healthy lifestyle. Please contact the Town Council by email on with your ideas.


The Exeter City Council press release is available on Details of the Sport England funding can be accessed via



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