Cranbrook Town Council came into being following an election in May 2015 and consists of 12 Councillors who represent the whole of the town. Because Cranbrook is so new, it has not been “warded” yet, which would mean that each councillor represents a particular area of the town.



The Town Council is the tier of local government which is closest to the community. It works in partnership with Devon County Council and East Devon District Council to deliver local government services to Cranbrook residents and to be a representative voice to other public bodies working in the area and to organisations such as the Consortium of developers.

Town Councils have a wide range of powers and roles depending on the needs of the community. As a new council Cranbrook Town Council is developing its long-term strategy and is considering a range of possibilities, including:

  • managing community facilities and open spaces
  • managing and/or facilitating projects to develop the town
  • providing services to the community, e.g. grass cutting
  • campaigning for resources and services from other agencies
  • organising civic events
  • providing a one stop shop for communication with all public authorities and voluntary agencies in Cranbrook

The Full Council meets every month but there are also three Committees which meet regularly to focus on particular aspects of the Council’s responsibilities:

  • Planning Committee
  • Amenities Committee
  • Finance & Personnel Committee

The Town Council and Committees also delegate smaller groups of Councillors to work with local people, businesses, community groups and other authorities to consider specific topics in various working groups, e.g. the Cranbrook Community Partnership and asset delivery.